David Proto 

Artivism, communication guerrilla, graphic design, hypermedia design, app development, hacktivism, free culture, blockchain, web3, decentralized communities.

David Proto is a visual artist, graphic designer, and digital platform developer. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Artistic Productions and Research (Barcelona).

His work navigates between contemporary artistic practices, hacktivism, hypermedia development, and collaborative networks as tools for social transformation. The projects he develops question different forms of power, control, oppression, and their associated conflicts. To achieve this, he employs various strategies and alternatives that create interferences in the dominant narrative and interruptions in the official explanation of the world.

Proto is a member of the art and activism collective Enmedio, where they explore the transformative power of images and narratives by creating interventions through non-violent direct action.

He gives lectures and workshops at universities on artivism and disruptive technologies. Currently, he organizes the Apptivism workshop, where collective mobile applications focused on resolving social conflicts are created.

He is the creator and director of Memetro.net, an international network of creative disobedience and communication guerrilla focused on the right to freedom of movement.

Since 2017, he has been directing the Creativechain Foundation (creaproject.io), an organization that develops distributed technologies for free software, collective creation, peer-to-peer systems, crypto-economy, and liquid democracy for the creation of decentralized creative communities such as creary.net or kolofon.app.

He has exhibited his works in various museums, galleries, and festivals in Barcelona, such as Arts Santa Mónica, La Virreina, Sala d’Art Jove, Liminal GR, LOOP Festival, and internationally at the Museum of Useful Art (Eindhoven), Clock Tower (New York), Neue Gallery (Innsbruck, Austria), among others.